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2019: The Art

Acrylic and Charcoal on Canvas
Collaboration by Artist Helen Kessler and ForKids Norfolk Kids


This sneak preview of art was pre-framing.

These priceless pieces were beautifully framed at auction.

Lot 1: A Rainbow Garden
Rainbow Garden_edited.jpg

Acrylic on Canvas

by Tamari, age 10

"It's a rainbow garden. It's colorful and grows sparkles;

who can be sad in a place like that?

Lot 3: Good & Great

Acrylic on Canvas

Collaboration by Artist Solomon Isekeije and

The Children of Beyond the Bell Norfolk

"These colors make me feel good and great because I am an artist!"

Lot 5: Root to Rise

(12.5" x 24.5")


Beeswax on Canvas

Collaboration by Artist Letitia Lee and

The Children of Beyond the Bell Chesapeake

Lot 7: Love

Acrylic on Canvas

by Somalia, age 7

"It's simple, it's just all about love."

Lot 9: Tomato Allergy
Tomato Allergy_edited.jpg

Acrylic on Canvas

by Jordan, age 9

"That is a GIANT tomato plant. It grows really big tomatoes. I don't know why I painted it though, I can't even eat tomatoes. I'm allergic.

Lot 11: Epipetric
Matt Fine.jpg

Hot Glass and Virginia Granite

Collaboration by Artist Matt Fine

 and ForKids Kid Jeanecia, 14

Lot 13: Sarah the Star
Sarah The Star_edited.jpg


by Divine, age 10

"This is Sarah and her cat. She had a wishing star that gave her the prize of being famous. Her cat is named "Ms. Dot". by the time her wish came true, she became the leader of the United States.

Lot 15: Here Comes the Sun 

(48.5"x 48.5")

finished piece.jpg

Acrylic and Charcoal on Canvas 
Collaboration by Artist Helen Kessler and

ForKids Kids Norfolk

Lot 17: Vroom Vroom
Vroom Vroom_edited.jpg

Acrylic on Canvas

by Mark, age 10

"I'm going to invent this super-fast car. That's me driving it to the store to get parts to make it go even faster. Once it's fast I'm going to take it to get cheeseburgers at a Cowboys game."

Lot 19: Classic Buds
Classic Buds_edited.jpg
final chrysler piece_edited_edited.jpg

Collaboration by Robin Rogers, glass sculptor at The Chrysler Museum Glass Studio, and Taerion, age 13

"I'm painting a field of flowers. They aren't close up flowers though, they're the kind you'd find in an old movie."   -Taerion

Glass Sculpture via Glassblowing and Flame-Working  -Chrysler Museum Glass Studio and Taerion

Lot 21: The Whale under the Underpass
The Whale under the Underpass_edited.jpg

Acrylic on Canvas

by Leroy, age 7

"I'm going to paint a whale. I've never seen a whale but I've heard one before when the car drove under the highway."

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