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On March 26th, 2022, the 21st Annual ForKids Art Auction, Making Waves, rolled into town like a high spring tide, raising $1.6 million to end family homelessness.


ForKids friends gathered in a magical tent beneath the sea for this beloved community fundraiser. Extravagantly costumed sea creatures raised their paddles high to bid on priceless children’s art with titles like “How to Impress a Snail” and “Who Needs a Hug?”


As the mist cleared and the sea floor settled, this year’s rising tide lifted families and children out of poverty and homelessness right here in Southeastern Virginia.  


You helped us make waves of change in this community!

Benley by Finley (2).PNG

By Finley, age 7 

2022 ForKids Art Auction  


“At first, I was struggling and that made me cry, but Mr. Tyler helped me. Now I think it is good!    

I will call him Benley.”  

How to Impress a Snail by Dannie (2).png
How to Impress a Snail, glass NEEDS UPDATED (2).jpg

How to Impress a Snail  

Collaboration by Dannie, age 8, Leniyah, age 10, and

Robin Rogers of the

Chrysler Museum Glass Studio  

Quote by Rayna, age 8 


“The mermaid is saving the fish and the snail is VERY impressed.”  

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