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To learn more about the ForKids Achievement Inspired Mentoring program, 

contact Pam Myers, ForKids Mentor Coordinator, at

or download our flyer here.


Nicole Randolph, ForKids Mentor

"I have been volunteering with ForKids since December 2016. When the pandemic hit I was unable to assist with Beyond The Bell, but still wanted to volunteer in some capacity. When I saw the post on the organization Facebook page for the AIM mentoring program I was ecstatic! I enjoy working with the youth, being a positive impact, and showing them that they can do anything they set their minds to.

This experience has truly been a blessing to my life. My mentee and I always have an awesome time together and at times she brings out the big kid in me. She's told her mom that I'm like her big sister and that means a lot to me. The times when I'm encouraging my mentee to work hard and always remember the amazing young lady she is sometimes I need the encouragement myself. 

I enjoy pouring positivity into my mentee. The various outings we have been on sometimes it shows that I'm getting old! My mentee and I both love to eat so we both enjoy the food outings. I look forward to staying within this program and meeting more young ladies who I can show how awesome they are and what they can accomplish in life."


"The ForKids Education team jumped on the national mentoring movement because we want to help bridge our families' and children’s support systems on their path to stability and success. We know the more connections, the broader the base, the more likely a student will be able to grow and thrive through all the storms of life.

Mentors encourage their mentees to try out for the football team, experience kayaking, learn to line dance! Mentors are like your favorite aunt or uncle who you loved to do things with….they bring the fun!"

Angela Graciani, ForKids Director of Education

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