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Avoid Eviction!

Thank you for logging in! We want to make sure you have all of the tools

and resources available to help stop your pending eviction. 


Visit the VPLC eviction page HERE to make sure you know the process

and what legal options you may have. 


IF YOU HAVE A LEGAL DEFENSE, contact Legal Aid HERE right away! 

Some possible defenses include these circumstances:

  • The landlord didn’t give you proper notice and offer you a chance to fix things. 

  • You dispute how much the landlord says you owe. 

  • You’ve already paid what you owe or the landlord refused payment. 

  • The landlord is charging you improper late fees or attorney fees. 

  • Your landlord can only charge you what’s included in your lease. Late fees are capped at 10% of your monthly rent or 10% of the total you owe – whichever is less. 

  • The landlord did not keep the property safe and habitable. If you use this, you have to prove that you notified the landlord in writing about your complaint. To use this defense, you must pay your monthly rent into escrow with the court. You can’t use it simply because you’re behind on payments. 

  • The landlord is only evicting you because you complained or used your legal rights. To use this, you have to prove that the landlord knows that you complained to them (like a copy of an email exchange), complained to a government agency, or joined a tenants' group before they sued for eviction. 






Our VERP program might be able to help with some of the amount you owe under the following circumstances, but the funds are limited and have eligibility criteria. 

  • You need to have or are about to have INCOME greater than your BASE RENT 

  • You can make a CO-PAY to help bring your balance current and/or pay the upcoming month’s rent 

  • The payment from VERP gets the case dismissed and prevents a future eviction filing 

    Click here to make an appointment.

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