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Critical Services

Achieving Stability

To effectively break the cycle of family homelessness and poverty, parents and children need quick access to comprehensive support services, which must follow them to permanent housing. This full spectrum service model simultaneously identifies the compound root causes of each family’s homelessness and improves their health, education, and circumstances with supportive services culminating in self-reliant families with permanent housing.


Homelessness may be part of their past, but our goal is that it will not be their future.

Last year, ForKids’ services provided intensive assistance to a total of
1,706 individuals
from 502 families.
What services do we offer?
Housing Placement

Families at ForKids work with one of our Housing Specialists to search for appropriate housing, assist with landlord negotiations if needed, and access housing assistance from dozens of different available sources.

Job Coaching

Adults and teens in our families work with ForKids’ Job Coaching team to determine employment and education history, and job readiness. Our team develops and maintains relationships with local employers to provide credible employment leads culminating in job placement.  We also provide resume assistance and childcare or transportation as needed for job-related appointments.

Mental Health Coordination

The Mental Health Coordination team at ForKids assesses mental health needs, provides information about accessing resources in the community, provides referrals and hands-on assistance with appointments, and provides crisis intervention as needed. We partner with multiple community providers who can meet the long-term needs of our families.

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Case Management 

Family Case Managers at ForKids provide adults and children with initial assessments, health consultations, referrals to resources, and on-going coordination of care.  Family Case Managers quickly connect adults and children to these partners, creating pathways to long-term stability. Through critical time intervention case management, we provide nine months of support starting with high-intensity services that slowly transition to periodic support to assure stability. 

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