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Landlord FAQs

How does the ForKids housing program work?

We operate a few different housing programs.  What remains the same is that we need landlords to make them all happen.  Rapid Re-Housing and Tenant Based Rental Assistance programs require a lease in the participant’s name and ForKids serves as a third party who provides deposit and rental assistance based on participant need.  Our PSH programs require a lease between the landlord and ForKids, with our participants listed as occupants of the unit, and rent is paid directly to the landlord from ForKids every month. 

What happens after assistance ends?

If the participant is ready to take on the rental burden, they would resume rental payments per the terms of the lease.  If the participant is still working on stabilizing in their home, most of our programs offer extensions and shorter-term payment assistance plans that are initiated by the participant's family case manager in conjunction with participant need.

After the participant signs their lease, how soon will I be able to receive my check?

Checks are generally received within 10 days of lease signing.

What happens if the participant is not able to cover their portion of the rent for that month?

Each participant is assigned a family case manager who works closely with the family on resolving stability issues.  Each month, the participant and their case manager work out a budget and based upon that budget, the family case manager can request funds to assist the participant with rent for that month if needed.

Who do I call if the tenant stops paying once the subsidy ends?

You can always contact us about a family that is or has been a participant of our program.  If you have issues, or a family’s tenancy must be terminated for whatever reason, we will do our best to mitigate the vacancy loss by placing another family in your unit, or providing a small amount of gap funding.

How much assistance is offered?

Assistance levels vary throughout our programs.  Typically, they will include a security deposit of up to two months of rent and first month’s rent.  Ongoing subsidies are based on the program and level of participant need. 

Is this section 8?

It is not.  Similarly, we offer rental assistance and perform inspections of the premises prior to leasing.  Our programs are generally time limited and are paired with our stabilization services. 

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