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The Landmark Center

Chesapeake, VA


The Birdsong Center

Suffolk, VA


GROW Campaign:

Endowment, Services Seed Fund & Infrastructure

The Campaign ForKids

The Project:
From Groundbreaking
1001 Poindexter Street
Chesapeake, VA
The Campaign ForKids will create two centralized service centers impacting over 80,000 individuals every year.

ForKids will replace expensive-to-maintain, turn-of-the-century buildings, expand service capacity, and improve access to public transit and regional highways. “Trauma-informed” design will create a calm and welcoming environment for families. Sustainable building practices will reduce operating costs while creating healthier buildings for children.

The GROW Campaign, including a Services Seed Fund, infrastructure investments and an endowment fund, is designed to ensure that the new facilities are sustained and successful over the long-term.  ForKids is committed to ensuring our services are available whenever a family needs us in the future.

Last year 941 families had to be turned away.  

296 had already spent one night unsheltered.

CCF Design Overview
Landmark-Batten $3 Million Match In the News
The Center for Children & Families
Suffolk Regional Headquarters

Suffolk Regional Services Headquarters, phase one of the Campaign ForKids, was dedicated November 2018. The 7,000 square-foot project has allowed ForKids to dramatically expand educational facilities for homeless and formerly homeless children of Suffolk and Western Tidewater. The trauma-informed Center provides space for distinct classrooms, donation distribution and volunteers, as well as designated room for community partners to offer services to ForKids families. While it does not include an overnight shelter, the space does house job coaches, mental health professionals and case managers handling services and housing placement for 30-35 families daily.

The 60,000 s.f. center in Chesapeake will be home to the new ForKids Research and Advocacy Center, allowing the nonprofit to connect on a national level. The CCF will also include an education center with five classrooms and four tutoring rooms and the ability to serve up to 120 children, a family shelter with 96 beds that is designed to accommodate up to 20 families of any size, a kitchen and dining hall able to serve 150 meals each night, the ForKids Regional Housing Crisis Hotline that receives over 45,000 calls each year and administrative offices for over 100 staff members. ForKids broke ground on the CCF September 8, 2019 and expects the project to be complete Spring 2021.

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The Fund ForKids Endowment

Additionally, a portion of The Campaign ForKids will be preserved for a lasting endowment to ensure the sustainability of our core programming for years to come. ForKids is committed to ensuring our services are available whenever a family needs us in the future.

Campaign Leadership

Frank Batten

Honorary Campaign



Helen Dragas

Campaign Champion

Lisa Chandler

Rick Clarke

Harry Lee Cross

Lee Cross

Martin Einhorn


George Birdsong

Honorary Campaign



Thaler McCormick

ForKids CEO

Kim Simon Fink

Howard Gordon

Ray Gromelski

Anne-Randolph Harrell

Nicole Harrell



Marie Finch

Campaign Chair


Susan & Paul Hirschbiel

Campaign Champions

Chuck Saunders

Jane Short

Kelly Sokol

Thomas Steffens

​Carter Hotchkiss

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