Our Solutions

All children deserve a home and chance for success.

We focus on three main service areas designed to bring our families

long-lasting stability.  


The ForKids Housing Crisis Hotline is the central point of contact for all persons experiencing a housing crisis throughout Southeastern Virginia. 

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Through a new partnershipForKids is investing in our community’s ability to thrive and not just survive.

ForKids, in partnership with the United Way of South Hampton Roads and Catholic Charities of Eastern Virginia, with generous funding from Women United, launched a pilot, Aspire, to work with mothers from around South Hampton Roads who have safe, stable housing and are employed to develop and achieve goals that will allow them to gain financial independence. 

The goals set by mothers in this mentorship program can include gaining better employment, going back to school, reducing debt, gaining family stability, and saving money. Aspire participants graduate when they are in or on track to be in a living wage job and have saved $1500. The Aspire Partnership will match this savings 2:1, leaving our participants with at least $4500 in savings upon graduation.