Housing Team

Meet The ForKids Housing Team

Alicia Hensley

Housing Program Coordinator

I have been with ForKids for over a decade during which I have served as the Senior Housing Specialist and now have settled into my role as the Housing Program Coordinator where I spend more time “behind the scenes” in serving our families.  I help coordinate programming for clients and many other things to keep our housing programs running smoothly.  I am the voice on the other end of the phone when you fill out our landlord interest form.  I look forward to speaking to property owners and managers who are interested in working with our agency and absolutely love when connections are made between our clients and our wonderful landlords!  My main hobbies include chasing my toddler around while seeking adventures and spending time at home with my husband, son, and bonus daughter. 

Erin Adams

Housing Specialist

I came to ForKids after graduating with my Bachelor’s in Human Services and Counseling from Old Dominion University. I’m passionate about serving families who are experiencing homelessness and poverty. I love to engage with my clients and families to find safe and stable housing while matching my families with the perfect landlord. I am Housing Quality Standards inspection certified and look forward to speaking with potential landlords about the services ForKids offers as well as sharing my desire for all clients to find their perfect home. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband, daughter, and dog.

Joycelyn Agyeman

Housing Specialist

In August of 2017, I joined ForKids as I pursued my undergraduate degree in Human Services at Old Dominion University. I started as an Intake Specialist at the Regional Housing Crisis Hotline. As I reflect on the last four years, my time spent at the hotline has served me exceptionally well. Now fast forward, on May 15th, 2021, I completed my master’s in social work from the illustrious Norfolk State University. As passionate as I am about the mission of ForKids, I figured, what better way to spread my wings within the agency than through working to house individuals and families who are experiencing a housing crisis. I am elated about my new position as a housing specialist as I get to be the voice that our clients need. I am looking forward to making a significant impact on the life of families and lighting up their world.


Outside of work, you will more than likely catch me spending time with my family as I am very family oriented. I also love to listen to music because it always puts me in a great mood.

Kristin Armstrong

Housing Specialist

I joined ForKids in 2021.  My position allows me to work with families in Portsmouth to help them find housing. Once our families have stable housing, I support them in increasing their income and overcoming any barriers that they face through the year that we work together. I love working with our families and seeing the pride and relief when they reach a goal.  


When I am not working, I love to be outside either camping or chasing after one of my three boys.

Jordan Crouthamel.jpg

Jordan Crouthamel

Supportive Housing Specialist

I joined ForKids in August of 2019 working with Rapid Rehousing and now specifically with our Permanent Supportive Housing program. I love working with our families and landlord partners to create matches that keep our families housed long term. My wife and I and our dog Roo have lived in Norfolk for 5 years and I am always in search of a new restaurant with a good taco or burger to try. I would love to talk to you about your properties and see if any are a fit for our clients. Give me a call or shoot me an email and let’s get your units filled and our clients housed!

Jennifer Eren

Housing Specialist

I am Jennifer Eren. I have been a part of the ForKids family since 2019. Since that time, I have served in the capacity of Senior Intake Specialist for the Regional Housing Crisis Hotline. This frontline experience provided me with the opportunity to hear many stories around the need for affordable and safe housing in Hampton Roads. I am a Housing Specialist today because I believe that all families and children deserve just that. Through my work, I wish to advocate for marginalized families and children because housing is a right, not a privilege. I look forward to building and sustaining relationships with community partners and landlords to aide families out of poverty.  

Currently, I am working on a degree in Human Services so much of my free time includes research and lots of coffee.  

Alexus Mares-Reyes

Housing Specialist

My name is Alexus! Originally from Los Angeles, I came from a background in Addiction Studies and doing Outreach on Skid Row. So when I came to Hampton Roads, I felt a call to ForKids! Originally starting out at the Regional Housing Crisis Hotline, it helped me build a foundation to become familiar with the area and our resources to better help families. Now, as a Housing Specialist, I am on the frontlines for our families with a great team!  


I enjoy buying the new books Oprah puts out on her Book Club, and Venti Expresso Shots from Starbucks to keep me adventurous in the mornings! My motto is: “if not me then who?” And that keeps me motivated to do better work every day and continue our mission to end homelessness. I’ve been dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our families and partnering with landlords.

Senetra Peele

Housing Specialist

I have been the Housing Specialist at ForKids’ Suffolk office since 2019 and I have enjoyed helping our families find stable housing.  There is an overwhelming feeling of joy and purpose when I witness a family move into a place that they can call home, especially after they have faced homelessness.   However, I credit the landlords, real estate agencies, and property managers for providing affordable housing and helping to end the cycle of homelessness for our families.  These leaders are truly the heroes in our community!  They have shown their loyalty and commitment to change lives for the better, all while making ForKids’ vision and mission a reality.


In my spare time, I enjoy movies, music, watching basketball and I am a diehard Lakers fan.  I am also a proud graduate of Old Dominion University- go Monarchs!