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ForKids Headquarters
4200 Colley Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23508
(757) 622-6400
Suffolk Regional Services Center
119 W. Constance Road
Suffolk, VA 23434
(757) 538-7872
Good Mojo Thrift Shop
2411 Granby Street
Norfolk, VA 23517
(757) 622-1194

Phoenix Awards

Annual scholarships and awards to celebrate perseverance
Phoenix Outstanding Achievement Scholarships

These educational scholarships are given to former ForKids clients who have shown remarkable tenacity and courage to overcome significant personal challenges and have broken their cycles of homelessness and poverty.

Children’s Champion Award

This is reserved for an individual or organization who has made specific, measurable contributions to improving the lives of children living in homelessness and poverty. The honoree is selected based on their work at the local, state or national level.


As a young boy, Sean dreamed of building rockets when he grew up. Many would call that a long shot, considering the reality of his young life.

2018 Phoenix Achievement Awards Honorees

2017 Phoenix Achievement Awards Honorees

2017 Children's Champion
South Norfolk Community

Today’s residents of South Norfolk have accomplished much. Forward thinking and focused on community transformation, the Community of South Norfolk embraced ForKids and the new Center for Children and Families. They worked tirelessly to gain City Council approval for the sale of land to ForKids and succeeded. Their vision and courageous leadership speak to the community’s formidable will and their dedication to changing their community for the better.